Welcome to Orchard!

You've successfully setup your Orchard Site and this is the homepage of your new site. Here are a few things you can look at to get familiar with the application. Once you feel confident you don't need this anymore, you can remove it by going into editing mode and replacing it with whatever you want.

First things first - You'll probably want to manage your settings and configure Orchard to your liking. After that, you can head over to manage themes to change or install new themes and really make it your own. Once you're happy with a look and feel, it's time for some content. You can start creating new custom content types or start from the built-in ones by adding a page, or managing your menus.

Finally, Orchard has been designed to be extended. It comes with a few built-in modules such as pages and blogs or themes. If you're looking to add additional functionality, you can do so by creating your own module or by installing one that somebody else built. Modules are created by other users of Orchard just like you so if you feel up to it, please consider participating.

Thanks for using Orchard – The Orchard Team